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EureekaBi (U-reeka business intelligence) is a business intelligence and analytics company helping supply chain professionals understand the market and make better decisions.

The first step is to aggregate data, both your companies internal data and other external data that is relevant to pricing shifts.

We've gathered the most impactful sources to give you a clear picture of why prices behave a certain way and how you can be better prepared.

Using the Eureeka Rate Bank our clients have found they can notice trends not easily seen otherwise and get the sale.

Now that you've got all this new information at your fingertips, you can visually see trends and make more informed decisions.


Our truck report helps you manage costs by identifying how you’re buying freight versus your competitors

Our proprietary trend analysis helps you forecast costs in regions you’re in or areas you’re not familiar with. Look months out in advance and quote customers with confidence.

Upload or manually enter your RFP and utilize the resources of the Eureeka to fulfil the request and win the bid.

The Company

About The Company

Eureeka creates success by achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction possible. Our seasoned, innovative team, helps you make more money by providing proven techniques to your customers. Want to find out more about our company team?

Our Principles

Eureeka is built on four pillars. This demonstrates our commitment to providing the customer with a valuable experience. The goal of every interaction is to provide a remarkable and long lasting partnership through....

Continuous Improvements
Transformation of data into information

Kevin Miles
Founder & CEO

Engineer, certified supply chain professional, visionary who believes in leveraging
technology to stay competitive.


Andre' Barnes
Founder & CTO

Computer Science Engineer, full stack developer. Microsoft partner who has developed
software in multiple industries.

Eureeka is a a proud member of


Eureeka gave a webinar for Prophecy see below.

NEW BRITAIN — When Kevin Miles discovered problems with supermarket pricing, he realized if he could find a way to determine prices it could be his ticket to entrepreneurship.

His business, Eureeka BI (Business Intelligence) is a Central Connecticut State University-Institute of Technology & Business Development incubator company. It helps supply chain professionals understand the market and make better decisions. The company has been in business for two years.

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April 15-18, 2015

Orlando, FL


New Britain, CT - EureekaBi, a Connecticut based business intelligence and analytics company, welcomes acceptance into the Valley Ventures Mentors Inaugural Accelerated Cohort, a rigorous mentor-ship program designed for startup companies. As a new contender, EureekaBi will join twenty nine other start-up companies in a sixteen week training program. According to the Valley Venture Mentors, the program is designed around a "lean launchpad curriculum and three main causes of startup death: failing to achieve product market-fit, premature scaling, and team member dynamics."

"I'm really excited about being accepted into the program and look forward to learning from experienced professionals and future company growth," said Co-Founder, Kevin Miles.

The cohort is scheduled to run for four months of programming beginning in January of 2015. Throughout these four months, contenders will undergo an intense training based in heavy mentoring and investment subjects, qualifying them to win grants of $50,000 each with no equity. In addition, members will be required to attend two meetings a month in Springfield, MA and will also participate in training groups. Each startup will be allotted free office space in downtown Springfield.



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